Best shower curtain rods review 2020

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Highest Rated Shower Curtain Rods

In case you are planning to put a curtain in the shower then you are going to need a rod. You can’t install a curtain without the help of a rod. Today we are going to tell you about the best curtain rods of 2020.

These curtain rods are easy to install. They look pretty in the bathroom. They can be the perfect fit for your bathroom for so many reasons.

There are many reasons why you should have shower curtain rods in your bathroom. The best reason is that nothing can hold your curtain better than a shower curtain rod.

They look so cute, aesthetic, amazing and they perform a vital function.

Some of you may ask what exactly is a shower curtain rod.

it is a horizontal rod that is there to hold a curtain. You can install a curtain anywhere in the house be in the bathroom or bedroom and more.

Inter Design Tension Shower Curtain Rod

Many people don’t like going for shower curtain rods because of one single thing. Usually to install a shower curtain rod target, one has to drill the walls.

Drilling means there will be cracks in the wall which is not a very nice phenomenon and sign.

More likely, people who want to go without a drill in the wall should go for Inter Design tension shower curtain rods.

They have made some excellent rods that come in different sizes and colors. Usually, the average size is between 57 inches to 80 inches.

People prefer these rods because to install them you do not need a drill machine.

To install these amazing rods you simply use the twist to fix a lock.All the people who are literally possessive about their residence should definitely go for this one.These rods need no drilling and they are the best for so many reasons.

  • They are more economical.
  • best to support the currents.
  • Come in different sizes.
  • Different colors.
  • Don’t need drilling or dressing.
  • Free from rust and corrosion.
  • Standard 3 sizes and multi-color.
  • Somehow can be little difficult to install.
  • May not be able to hold heavy curtains.

Ex-Cell curved shower curtain rods

Ex-Cell is a reputed name and they have been making rods for so many years now. The curtain rods which they have to offer are pleasing to look at and are very durable.curved shower curtain rods

Mostly Ex cell shower curtain rods have a perfect nickel-finished look. Nevertheless, for those people who are into more durable things, these are the best option. To install these shower curtain rods lowes, you will have to drill in the wall.

One power drill is necessary to bring out the best in these rods. you don’t need to use these rods for a bathroom, you can use them for a bedroom or even for a living.

They can hold small, light and heavy curtains. For this reason, these rods are preferable and people buy exclusively. Some people don’t consider the current rods well enough until they drill them into the wall.

For all such people, these are the best shower curtain hooks because they cannot be installed without a drill. Tough, durable and can hold heavy curtains.

The best thing about these rods is that they are free from rust and corrosion. They are very durable and no matter how much water is there they do not catch rust.

  • Easy to install
  • Installed in any kind of a wall.
  • Use for bedroom and bathroom curtains.
  • Pretty affordable.
  • It can be bought in two colors.
  • • These rods can catch the rust easily.
  • They may not last very long.
  • They need drilling.

Bath Bliss Expandable Curved Shower Curtain Rods

It is a true thing that most of the shower curtain rods are not pleasant to look at. They are very normal to look at. For all those people who are more into stylish rods should go for bath bliss expandable curved shower curtains rings. These rods are simple beauty. They are pleasing, aesthetic, gorgeous and can add a lot of value to the decor of your bathroom.

Bath Bliss expandable curved shower curtain rods

The best thing about these rods is that they are expandable. You do not have to buy them over and over again just because it did not meet the size of your room.

These rods are expandable and you can expand them and stretch them from 42 to 70 centimeters. It is because of their expendable nature that they are high in demand. People prefer having these rings because they are amazing and catchy.

Nevertheless, they are very stylish and they give the bathroom a luxurious and modern look to a great extent. Likewise, to say they are astonishing, creative, and artful to enhance the beauty of your lifestyle.

Despite having many productive and functional features, these rods can be bought at affordable and economical rates.

You can buy them in your less budget without bothering about the money. Nonetheless, they are durable and they do not catch the rust easily.

It doesn’t matter if even you install them in the bathroom they are going to last very long. If you are looking for durable, stylish and expandable shower curtain rods online and then bath bliss is the option.

  • Can be fix with support of a pieces.
  • Look very elegant and cute.
  • Add value to your bathroom.
  • Pleasant and cute to look at.
  • Durable and reliable for long-lasting.
  • Free from rust or water resistance.
  • These rods are not very easy to install.
  • Much complicated to attached with a piece.


Nowadays people prefer having bathroom curtains in spite of going for bathroom doors. It is not possible to maintain a curtain without the help of shower curtain rods reviews.

We talked about the best shower curtain rings. You can pick the best among these. They are sure to add a lot of value to your bathroom.

They are affordable and are very pleasant and cute look at. We suggest buying shower curtain rings liner online for entire satisfaction for your home decor. With modern and up to date edge.


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