7 Best Shower Curtains for Bathroom

best shower curtains for bathroom
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We have spent more than a month researching the best shower curtains for our bathroom. We have interviewed so many people and checked many shower curtains. Then we finally selected one for our bathroom. You guys must be aware of the fact that when you design your home then you are so choosy in selecting accessories and other stuff for your home.

The same was the case with me. I designed my home according to taste and selected everything myself but got stuck in choosing shower curtains for my washroom. Phew! Finally, I choose.

Anyhow I have been a lot of struggle in finding the best curtains for our bathroom but I do not want you guys to go through all this struggle, that’s why today I am going to review best-selling shower curtains so that you can easily buy one for your bathroom.

Best Shower Curtains for Bathroom

Let’s go:

  • Creative Scents White Fabric Shower Curtain for Bathroom 

More than 90% of reviewers have given these shower curtains for the bathroom 5 stars. According to them it is durable and gets the job done at a really affordable price. Well, when I checked them I found the same. These are the best shower curtains on amazon.

This curtain makes your bathroom look clean and beautiful. It is not vinyl but something really flexible without any smell. A reviewer said that for so many years I have been seeing these curtains and now I am annoyed on it. I am tired of them but they are still fresh hanging in my bathroom. This proves their durability of strong material.

I must say that this product is fantastic. One more thing I would like to add on for you; you can wash these shower curtains in the washing machine but in cool water. They are lightweight ad easy to wash.


  • Egoing Shower Curtain for Bathroom Decor with 12 Hooks, 72 x 72 inch (Seasons Tree)

These Egoing Shower Curtains for the bathroom are absolutely great. These curtains will give a refreshing look to your bathroom with its vibrant colors. I actually felt in love with these curtains when I first saw them. These shower curtains for the bathroom justify their cost.

They come with 12 pcs of rust-free hooks. These chic looking shower curtains are made of polyester and are very light in weight but perform the heavy-duty. They get dry in just a few minutes. these best selling shower curtains are designed by a professional team of designers. If you love colors, buy these best shower curtains on amazon.


  • Luxury Fabric Shower Curtain for Bathroom Washable, Grey, 72×78 Inches


These curtains are available in a variety of beautiful colors. Many purchasers say that these curtains are modern yet vintage at the same time. The descent pattern on these curtains will make you in love with them. These curtains repel water and resist soaking. One more thing that I like abi=out these curtains is that they are wrinkle-free and really easy to wash. They are well crafted and durable curtains. You can wash them in the washing machine but in cold water.

  • Floral Scroll Shower Curtain, 71″ by 74″

For beautiful and colorful shower curtains, go for these Floral Scroll Shower Curtains for bathroom. You get easily get them at Amazon. I personally love their unique pattern. They will fill your bathroom with a good floral feeling. A reviewer said that if you want to dress up your bathroom buy these shower curtains.

Apart from their beautiful design, they are water repellent and long-lasting. They are designed by a professional designer. These vibrant and bright curtains will change the whole look of your bathroom. I loved them. If you love colors, buy them.


  • Laural Home Teal Watercolor Poppies Shower Curtain, Blue/Beige

I actually love floral curtains that’s why I am reviewing them. Anyways other than the lovely pattern they are long-lasting, that’s why I am writing about them. These best shower curtains look sophisticated and adorable in a bathroom. A reviewer said that we bought them for our guest bathroom and trust me everyone praised them that made me feel proud.

These shower curtains for the bathroom are really soft and easy to clean. You can clean them with a wet piece of cloth. One more thing that I love the most about them is that these curtains do not support water stains, instead, they get clean themselves leaving a shiny surface behind.

They are digitally printed and create a crisp. They come with 12 buttons holes, but clips are not included in the package so you have to buy the clips yourself.


  • Shower Curtain in French Country Suede Brown Toile (108”, Lined)

Damn the art and fabric! If you look at them, you will definitely fall in love with these shower curtains for the bathroom. These curtains are available in different patterns. The best thing about them is, it is super easy to wash. you can wash them with hands in soapy water.

One thing that I do not like about them is that they stick to your legs when you are taking bath. It is a bit annoying. Else they are good to buy. You can buy the best shower curtains online at Amazon.

  • White Waffle Fabric Hookless Shower Curtain with Removable Polyester Liner

HappyBath shower curtains are available in different colors and patterns. Purchasers are giving high marks to them. Water rolls over the curtains leaving a clean surface behind. They are basically waterproof and anti-mold, protecting your family from allergens.

These curtains are made of polyester. One more thing, you do not need to buy additional hooks to hang your curtains. They come with holes in it. All you have to do is pass the rod between these holes and they are ready to hang. Buyers are happy and satisfied with these shower curtains for the bathroom. Give them a try, I bet you won’t regret it.

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