7 Best Roller Shades for Windows

Best Roller Shades
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Best roller shades: Ironically while writing this article, I am using a huge green construction paper that I grabbed from my son’s room to cover my office window through which the sun is brightly shining. I have bought a fine blind for my window but unfortunately, I didn’t get time to install that thing. This is ridiculous I admit as installing these roller shades for windows will take my 10 minutes only sigh.

Anyways, assuming that you have 10 minutes to spare and your window definitely needs some dressing, I have gathered some great options for you. I and my darling wife have chosen so many blinds in recent years that’s why this subject is fresh on my mind. Best roller shades could be very expensive but they are not something you go for cheap. You will see them daily and many shades especially those in the bedroom or lounge facing the neighbors or street, you will use them several times in a day.

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Budget is obviously a big factor concerning which blind you choose, but function and form together weigh heavy than budget in decision making. First of all decide, how much light you need your blind to let through.

Light filtering blinds can cut the sun glare while still allows them plenty of light to come inside that is great for living rooms and kitchen but I believe you will want blackout blinds for your bedroom.

Also, do not forget your bathroom windows or even the adjacent space to your bedroom. It is really amazing how much light reaches us in our cozy bed via the bathroom door as we have chosen a light-filtering shade for there.

Next, think about the types of best roller shades for your windows. There are rolling blinds, cellular blinds, solar blinds, Venetian blinds, and the list goes on. Well, choose the shades according to the place you are going to install. Secondly the blind should look appealing from inside and outside as well.

Best Roller Shades Reviews

  • Cordless Window Blinds with Spring Lifting System for Home & Office, 31 x 72 Inch, Grey

When raised, your window shades are invisible, staying up and allowing the light to come through the glass. But when they are lowered, these roller shades for windows play an important role in the interior look of your home.

These SUN-FREE Blackout Window Shades are our first choice. They come in 4 different colors and different sizes as well. They are suitable for windows less than 72 inches.

These shades allow a good amount of light to enter the room and also completely block the light and blackout as per your choice. For raising and lowering the cordless shades, it can be done with minimal effort.

Customers usually buy a product after knowing the reviews. I will rate them 5 stars to do justice with the quality of the product.

Usually, customers rate them between 4 to 5 stars. This product makes its customers fall in love with it.

  • Original Blackout Pleated Paper Shade Black, 36” x 72”, 6-Pack

I do not like to cover windows that offer a beautiful view but sometimes you need to cover them because the sunlight makes the interior unpleasant. With these original blackout pleated paper shades, you can enjoy both the light and dark. Let them stay open when you need the light to come inside and close them to make the room completely dark.

They are adjustable. You can trim the shades according to the size of your window. These shades are cordless. You can use additional clips for hanging them up which I didn’t like about them. As far as privacy is concerned, they are highly recommended by my side. Let me tell you one more thing, they are just available in black color.

  • Thermal Insulated Cordless Roller Shades for Windows

I know these shades are slightly expensive but when you install them, they pay off. These best roller shades are made of 100%npolyster fabric that makes the room dark and black. These ALLBRIGHT Thermal Insulated Blackout Shades are a great choice, especially for your bedroom or living room.

They not only block the light to enter the room but also block the heat or cold and maintain the room at a normal temperature.  The thermal backing balances the temperature, maintains the indoor temperature during the summer, and keeps warm in winter.

The installation process is very easy, in fact, it is written in the packing. These shades roller blinds are crafted from thick and sturdy fabric. They are waterproof and restrict the noise to go outside. They are specially designed while keeping your safety and privacy in mind.

Ohh I forgot to mention that they are available in 3 colors only that are coffee, light brown and white. But I think they are neutral and adjustable colors. We have bought them in a coffee color for our living room.

  • Chicology Deluxe Free-Stop Cordless Roller Shades

With the Chicology Delux FreeStop Cordless Roller Shades, your room will become as dark as it becomes at night and let you easily sleep or enjoy your movie in privacy.

These shades are available in 7 different colors that let no light come inside the room. They also reflect solar energy, making your room cool.

These shades are available for any window ranging size from 20 inches to 72 inches.

With a DEZ Furnishings Cordless Blackout Cellular Shade, you can mount your blinds either inside or outside the window frame, creating the snuggest possible fit and ensuring the most light blocked.

Their lowering and raising mechanisms are very easy, even a small kid can do it.

  • Blackout Cordless Window Blinds with Spring Lifting System

These blinds are for anyone and every space. They completely blackout the room and the silver coating reflects the sunlight and UV rays, making the room cold.

These SUN FREE Blackout Window Shades have a built-in spring system for automatic lighting.

They are super easy to install and comes with all the equipment. What I like about these shades is that they are really easy to install and filters the light in really less price than other brands that are providing the same thing. One thing more, they never compromise with the quality. I once heard that they hang, but not in my case. So I recommend it.

  • Blackout Waterproof Fabric Window Roller Shades

These best roller window shades are one of my favorite. They are purely made of polyester they completely block the light and UV rays.

One important thing about these shades is that they provide special protection for your kids and pets. When a kid is entangled in the chain, it will be disconnected by a pulling force to prevent the child from getting injured.

You can adjust the length of the curtain with the help of a chain. One flaw about these shades is that they are only available in grey color. So you cannot use them with any interior.

  • Chicology Deluxe Cordless  Shades

Best Cordless shades must combine functional yet stylish fabric with the smooth and durable operation. Chicology provides a pure fabric with blackout, smooth and room darkening qualities.

With a high degree of privacy, blocking ultraviolet rays and options of colors to choose from. These shades will give you a premium touch. I am completely in love with their fabric

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