9 Best Bedroom Windows Treatments in 2020

Bedroom Windows Treatments

When it comes to giving fishing touch, windows treatment can either make or break your room or it can be the best investment in the long run if you have made a good decision. In order to help you out for this, our decorators have compiled top-notch ideas on best bedroom window treatments.

We all know that window treatments are essential for a bedroom since they add privacy, give a better look to your bedroom and definitely adjust the lighting to make a steady temperature and desirable environment in your bedroom. Anyways let us move towards the main point of our discussion, here I am going to list bedroom window treatments 2020.

Below are the Best Bedroom Windows Treatments

Contrast Curtains

For modern yet simple bedroom window treatments, contrasting color curtains works best to create a warm and distinctive look and go well paired with any style, design, from traditional to transitional.

Window Decals

Look for transitional curtains that boast a sturdy color contrasted with a neutral warm for a stylish layered look.

Contrasting bedroom window treatments impart a modern spirit to a room.

For even a better result pair them with a minimal fitting for a polished, clean look and choose the colors you won’t get tired of them quickly.

Window Decals

Window decals are a stunning alternative to traditional bedroom window treatments. There is a huge range of innovative window decals that will help you conceal your interior while making an absolutely beautiful statement.

Just look at how expensive the stained glass looking window decals make the windows featured look above. One more thing, they are very less expensive than drapes and curtains and are very easy to install.

Look for something unexpected or unusual and you will be happy to see that no one around has similar window treatment ideas.

Sheer Curtains

Just like the name, sheers are extremely lightweight curtains made of sheer fabric. They add delicacy, beauty, and charm to your bedroom window but there is a fact that you may do not like it.Sheer Curtains

That fact is these sheers do not block light and provide privacy. But they look perfectly gorgeous and admired by everyone if paired with thick yet beautiful curtains.

That’s how the issue of privacy will go and you can block the light with the paired curtains. Sheers are the best choice for a small bedroom as their transparency gives an open and airy feel to your room.

They are very popular in coastal, cottage, and country rooms.

Windows Shades

Shades are one of the modern window treatment ideas for especially a bedroom. They are available in an endless range of styles, colors, and patterns. They perfectly go with any interior decoration.Windows Shades

A shade is a length of fabric that is cut in the width of a window.

It is attached to a frame or rod that allows the shades to lift up or down with a roller system or pulley.

There is a huge range of shades including cellular, bamboo, roman pleated motorized, roller and solar.

Windows Blinds

There is something classic and ultra-luxurious about having Windows blinds as bedroom windows treatment. Complementing or contrasting blinds add luxe to a room. This is a great idea for a bedroom.Windows Blinds

Blinds are modern yet simple bedroom window treatments as they add privacy and do the best job in blocking light.

Blinds are usually made of vinyl, wood, or metal. They have planks of louvers, which are tilted closed or open by cords running through the blind’s length.

You can also lift or lower the entire blind. Blinds are hung horizontally on a window. You can hang them vertically on a sliding glass window. This is my favorite idea for bedroom windows treatments in 2020.

Shutters for Bedroom Windows Treatments

Shutters are an old-style window treatment and commonly used in a bedroom but they do look beautiful in a cottage, coastal or rustic room.Shutters for Bedroom Windows

Typically they are made from natural or painted wood, or even faux wood is also a good option for shutters. Shutters are fitted in a window frame with hinges that allow them to open or close.

They have small louvers that can be open or even shut with a lever in order to filter the light.

You can find shutters in a huge range of colors. I personally like white or natural wood shutter and they are even popular.

Swags and Cascades Curtains

Swags and cascades Curtains are very popular bedroom windows treatments that add a dramatic touch of elegance to a window. They are like sheers but when paired with beautiful curtains to block light and get privacy, they are the best option then.

Typically swags are draped over a horizontal rod in many folds. Choose swags that match the overlaying window treatment to add a contrasting dose of patterns and colors in order to enliven your room.

The cascades are a fabric in length that drapes down on the sides of the window or puddles across the window top. You can use them underneath shades or curtains.


Cornices are formal and modern windows treatment in 2020. Typically cornices are made of other hard material that looks just like wood.

It shaped like a box and is fitted over the top of the frame of the window to hide the mounting hardware under the window treatment. The wood for cornices is usually left untreated or covered with fabric or painted for extra texture. It is even covered with wallpaper.

The bottom of the cornice can be trimmed to shape in different ways. A lot of homeowners prefer to take custom made cornices to match with their interior.


These are one of the best bedroom windows treatments that are typically used with blinds, drapes, shades, or curtains to conceal the hardware and to block the light and obviously for some privacy in the bedroom.

Valences are actually the swathes of fabric that are draped around the top of the window frame. Their style includes pleated, arched, flat, mounted on dust boards or rods.

Because of their dramatic effect, normally they are found in formal bedrooms like a master bedroom or guest room, etc.

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