About Us


Back when people had time then they had the ability to take care of heavy curtains. Nowadays, we don’t have time because of a lot of activities. Nowadays it is not possible to handle anything extreme even in case of curtains.

Paper window shades have all your customers need to be covered in one place. We consider it our utmost duty to provide you with the very best. For this reason, we have exceptional designs and options in terms of paper window Shades. Now you have the option of designing your Windows as per your desires.

We have paper window shades available according to different tastes. We can be certain that these shades can provide you with all that you desire.

Our paper shades are here to make it all easy for our valued customers. We make sure that these paper shades are easy to install and that you do not need the help of professionals to install them. We also provide our users with a manual as to how to install the shades easily according to the size of your Windows. We make sure that we keep in touch with modern designs and trends so we can update our customers accordingly.

We have years of experience in our field and we can be certain that we are of great help to you in terms of having the best curtains.

These Shades are easy to clean and easy to replace. They are even available wholesale.


We make sure that we never compromise quality over everything. We keep in touch with modern innovation and style. We make sure that we deliver our valued customer the very best paper window shades in terms of quality.


Our strongest point lies in our innovation. We are never satisfied with the already designed paper window Shades. With our team of experts, we make sure that we keep on innovating the new styles and trends so we can provide our customers with the latest and best. With the help of modern technology and knowledge, we keep on updating our self and the customers.

At paper window Shades, we have the best of everything available. We offer amazing shades to our valued customers at economical and affordable rates. We are innovative, accommodative and economical. We have the right expertise, the right knowledge, and the right team to deliver the very best.