3 Main Types Of Shower Curtain Material

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Every bathroom that features a bath or a covered showering space needs a mantle that closes off a lavatory region from the restroom, providing the user with more considerable privacy, whereas conjointly preventing the water from the shower spreading everywhere on the covered floor. Even bogs with clear shower cupboards need a curtain for privacy, likewise as aesthetics. Thus, once you’ve chosen between a bath and a shower cupboard, you wish to think about the varied varieties of shower curtains and confirm that one fits your desires the most effectively.

You can differentiate between the categories of curtains obtainable for your bathroom in terms of fabric and magnificence. Let’s discuss every class individually before moving on to some tips for selecting the most effective shower curtains for your bathroom.

Types of shower curtain materials

As bathrooms contain almost every time moisture in it, some materials are specially made for curtains, such as:




Now the details of these curtain materials are as follows:


From hotter, ancient bogs with Associate in Nursing tempting and a patsy to edgier, fashionable bogs, cotton shower curtains are usually chosen by householders. As a result of they’re easy to wash and maintain over time. Cotton materials additionally leave heaps of area to play with patterns, colors, and styles, in conjunction with floral prints, daring geometric styles, and bright colors.

Not to mention pastel shades and self-embossed materials that build the lavatory charming and stylish. However, the most crucial downside of putting in cotton curtains within the lavatory is that the fabric is highly absorbent, absorbing all of the wet from the shower and changing into at risk of mold and mildew. The trick to creating a cotton curtain that lasts longer is to feature vinyl or microfiber lining to it, on the fact that it faces the bathtub so that the material itself remains shielded from the water. Moreover, please consider laundry the curtain frequently to forestall it from changing into a parcel for mold.

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If you’ve got a busy fashion and don’t have the time to throw your lavatory curtains certain a wash each few days, contemplate vinyl shower curtains because the next best different. Vinyl may be a low-maintenance selection, with its artificial producing creating it entirely waterproof. It straightforward to wash with water and a spare rag and is sort of light-weight similarly.

These shower curtains square measure obtainable in AN array of patterns, colors, and styles, therefore you’ll match them to your bathroom’s ornament and color scheme simply. What’s additional, vinyl curtains square measure fairly opaque and don’t need a lining, however you would possibly contemplate adding one if you select a curtain that’s of a lighter color and appears clear counting on the location of sunshine fixtures and windows in your lavatory.

When it involves vinyl, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is that the most ordinarily obtainable selection, however this material is often very harmful since it’s a chlorinated vinyl. In distinction, most sellers in Islamic Republic of Pakistan currently replenish on shower curtains manufactured from PEVA (polyethene vinyl acetate), that may be a non-chlorinated vinyl, and a healthier choice to PVC.

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Microfiber, higher called polyester, is another common cloth for shower curtains in Pakistan. Heavier than vinyl however even as water resistant, this material may get wet, however the water evaporates quickly, particularly in well-ventilated loos, keeping mold and mildew away. Polyester shower curtains typically have weights or magnets connected at very cheap, that explains the extra weight however makes them nice for tubs wherever the shower pressure is high and pushes the curtain away, or wherever Associate in Nursing fan blows the curtain around, creating the complete toilet wet.

Cleansing microfiber shower curtains is additionally quite simple, as you’ll throw them into a washer often for a wash or maybe wash them by hand. However, since these square measure the heaviest among the various styles of shower curtains, make certain the curtain rod is stable and durable enough to support the additional weight or create adjustments/replacements consequently.

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